FBR Reform Roadmap

Led by: 

Federal Finance Minister; Chairman FBR; Advisor, Establishment


“Appoint a bold, capable and dynamic FBR chairman immediately, launch FBR reform
and share a business friendly and equitable tax policy within 100 days to revive the
economy and reduce debt dependence" 

Milestones of federal government: 

FBR Chairperson to be appointed (Adviser, Establishment) - Complete
FBR Reform Blueprint to be developed and launched (Chairman, FBR) - Complete
Tax Policy to be developed and announced (Finance Minister) - Complete 

Key highlights: 

FBR Reform Blueprint to be developed and launched - Complete
Leveraging institutional knowledge with insights from external professionals, FBR has developed a
comprehensive reform programme. The programme has been approved by the Prime Minister and
implementation has begun.
The plan includes immediate revenue acceleration initiatives, as well as a holistic 3-year reform plan:
Key features – Immediate Revenue Acceleration Plan
Administrative Measures – Crackdown on offshore and high net-worth tax avoidance underway
(3000+ notices issued + 20,000 high net-worth non filers identified); data of 150,000 foreign accounts
maintained by resident Pakistani’s successfully gathered from 29 countries; Speedy resolution of
pending litigation and audits begun; Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism activated; Collection of
pending arrears and improved audit targeting underway; Sector-specific studies being conducted to
enhance FBR’s capacity for forensic audits.
Internal Controls – Integrity & Performance Management Unit formed within FBR to ensure effective
internal controls and assist in merit-based placement of FBR workforce; Complete revamp of the
existing performance evaluation system finalised.
Analytics/IT/Support – Leveraging government and 3rd party databases to broaden tax base and
combat under-reporting; Undertaking reforms to enhance analytics capacity; technology enabled surveys
of commercial areas undertaken in major cities; Electronic system to check mobile phone smuggling activated. 



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