Framework to establish National Tourism Board to build synergies across provinces

Led by: 

Prime Minister 


“Build framework for private sector investment to develop new and upgrade existing
facilities. Initiate conversion of all govt. guest houses into hotels. Identify 4 new tourism
destinations within first 100 days for development.”

Milestones of federal government: 

Task force on tourism established – Complete
Private Sector investment framework developed - In progress 

Key highlights: 

The Prime Minister personally spearheads the government’s commitment to harness the untapped
potential of Pakistan’s tourism industry. As chair of the task force on tourism, the Prime Minister has approved a national framework to improve coordination between the provinces and the federal government to uplift the tourism sector with private sector participation and support.

The key features of the framework are:

  • Roles of the federal, provincial and local governments
  • Thematic details of geographical areas with tourism potential
  • Destinations earmarked for development
  • Benchmarking to evaluate progress of the sector

Furthermore, it was agreed by all stakeholders that to implement the framework, in addition to effective
coordination, all three tiers of government must act as: 

  • Enablers
  • Facilitators 

Next steps: 

  • Secure approval for national framework from Council of Common Interests, following which the the
    National Tourism Board will be established
  • Develop Private Sector investment framework 


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