Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Led by: 

Prime Minister 


“Launch the Prime Minister’s Housing Programme to build 5 million housing units for the
middle class and lower income segments in 5 years through the private sector. This will
boost industry, create jobs and provide shelter.”

Milestones of federal government: 

  • Housing task force established - Completed
  • Policy framework developed and launched - In progress 

Key highlights: 

The government is committed to its promise of enabling an environment for the housing industry to
thrive and develop 5 million housing units for middle and lower-middle-income households. The Prime
Minister has chaired more than 10 meetings to finalise a future roadmap in this regard.

A housing task force has been established with representation from the public and the private sector. The
Prime Minister has publically launched the project, under the name of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority
and has issued directions to:

  • Complete the legal formation of Naya Pakistan Housing Authority
  • Revamp the mortgage market through legislation (including legislation on foreclosure laws, transfer
    procedures, and documentation)
  • Improve bank lending for affordable housing through amendments in regulations
  • Set up a land bank
  • Form a Real Estate Regulatory Authority
  • In addition, the government has dedicated PKR 5 Billion for a federal government employees housing
    initiative dedicated to grades 1-16. The government is targeting the construction of 150,000 homes in this category within 3 years 

Next steps: 

  • Complete and unveil financial model and implementation plan for the housing initiative by January
  • Activate Naya Pakistan Housing Authority, before February 2019, to coordinate the delivery of
    housing initiatives across Pakistan
  • Pass foreclosure laws and other enabling legislation before March 2019
  • Establish Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) before March 2019




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