Legal Reforms to Revolutionize Access to Justice

Led by:

Federal Law Minister


“Launch PTI’s Judicial reform programme to ensure speedy and fair disposal of all civil
cases within one year, and to clear backlog of pending cases”

Milestones of Federal Government 

  • Civil Law and Criminal Law Reforms Taskforces created - Complete
  • Review of Civil Laws completed to recommend amendments to achieve expeditions and
    adjudication of Civil cases - Complete
  • Initiate draft legislation for Civil procedure – Complete
  • Initiation of Criminal Law reforms – Complete
  • Review of substantive laws completed and procedures in relation to the issuance of letters and
    succession certificates - Complete
  • Legal Vetting of Disability, Corporal Punishment and Torture Bill – Complete
  • Finalisation of legislation for setting Legal Aid Authority under the Ministry of Human Rights - Complete 

Progress update for first 100 days:  

The reforms of the justice system in order to ensure the expeditious and judicious disposal of cases,
and access to justice for the common man is a key component of the PTI vision.

Consequently, the government has initiated a comprehensive legal reform agenda. Further to this, the Law Ministry is
ready to launch draft legislation including the following proposed bills:

  • The Civil Procedure Code (Amendment) Bill, 2018 – to combat delays in civil litigation
  • Legal Aid and Justice Authority Bill, 2018 – to ensure access to justice through legal and
    financial assistance for the underprivileged
  • Mutual Legal Assistance Bill, 2018 – to assist with recovery of unlawful wealth held abroad
  • Enforcement of Women’s Property Rights Bill, 2018
  • Service Tribunals (Amendment) Bill, 2018 - to streamline resolution of service related disputes
  • Letters of Administration and Succession Certificates Bill, 2018 - authorising NADRA to
    directly issue succession certificates as opposed to a lengthy legal process
  • Whistleblower Protection and Vigilance Commission Bill - to establish a mechanism for the public to report corruption 

Next steps: 

Launch legal reforms programme in December 2018
Table bills in National and Provincial Assemblies 


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