Draft Local Government Act of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and ICT

Led by: 

Minister of State for Interior, Local Government Minister KP and Punjab


“Announce plan to roll out an upgraded version of KP’s local government system, with
powers and resources devolved down to the village level.”

Milestones of Federal Government: 

  • Review of Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab LG system with recommended improvements - Complete
  • Proposed blueprint for revamped LG system for Punjab, KP and ICT developed for review -
  • Draft legislation to amend LG law in each province / ICT, and intended timelines for election
    published - In Progress

Key highlights: 

The Prime Minister’s task force (including provincial representation) engaged in several rounds of
discussions and deliberations to finalise blueprints for local governments in Punjab, KP, and ICT. The
taskforce was guided by a few important principles - ensure real devolution at the grass-roots level;
provide them with more authority and funding.

The Prime Minister personally chaired more than 5 meetings in the first 100 days to ensure that local
government systems would be prepared to reform governance and deliver services to common citizens. A
final legislation/amendment is planned in the coming week. However, Punjab, KP and ICT have developed
a consensus on:

Village/Neighbourhood Councils

Village/neighbourhood councils in KP will keep working. A similar model will be implemented in
Punjab and ICT to devolve authority to local communities. A major portion of development funds will
be transferred to village councils

Tehsil Councils

Tehsil Nazims will be directly elected to ensure autonomy and legitimacy. Tehsil Nazim functions will
be different than village chairmen to remove duplicity and ensure efficient working of local

Rural/Urban split

A rural/urban split will be maintained. Urban centres with a certain urban population will have urban
governments to ensure development in urban centres. Nazims in urban centres will also be directly
elected. Cities are considered engine of growth and this model will allow transformation of cities

Next steps: 

Prepare and pass local government amendment/act in Punjab, KP and ICT



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