Healthcare for All

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

PTI will ensure universal health coverage and enhance the focus on primary care while upgrading secondary & tertiary facilities

Pakistan faces a double burden of disease: high prevalence of communicable diseases (e.g. TB, Hepatitis, diarrhoea, etc) and non-communicable diseases (e.g. Diabetes, heart diseases, etc) simultaneously. Moreover, low coverage and quality of care results in a maternal mortality rate of 170 per 100,000 births, and a child mortality rate of 86 per 1000 live births, one of the worst in the region. These problems are exacerbated by weak health delivery systems: Facility coverage is low, especially in remote areas (e.g. 56% BHU coverage in Balochistan), positions are vacant (e.g. doctors in BHUs), staff is not always present and essential medicines are not always available.

We will upscale the Sehat Insaf Card Programme across Pakistan to provide access to quality healthcare to citizens, especially the poor.
We will ensure that citizens have coverage for a defined package of services, insured through a number of policy interventions such as public insurance for the poor, mandatory employee insurance etc.
We will double the size of the Lady Health Worker (LHW) programme to ensure each woman has access to complete package of LHW services (including family planning, pregnancy management, neonatal care), with adequate training, support and service structure for LHWs.
We will ensure the availability of diagnostic facilities, preventive and curative treatment for communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and HIV.
We will double efforts to increase vaccination coverage in provinces with lesser coverage (Balochistan and Sindh in particular)
We will increase number of 24/7 BHUs &RHCs equipped with basic package of services, staff and ambulance service to ensure each village has access to a facility within 10 km radius and reduce the burden on tertiary hospital
We will launch an incentive programme to attract more doctors, LHWs and nurses to BHUs, particularly in remote locations
We will establish training institutes for nurses and paramedical staff nationwide.
We will enhance focus on childhood nutrition, through LHWs and BHUs
We will invest in a referral system at BHU level, ensuring capture of adequate patient data, and efficient referrals to secondary & tertiary healthcare facilities
We will upgrade secondary care facilities and enhance service delivery at Tehsil Head Quarter Hospitals & District Head Quarter Hospitals by ensuring provision of adequate equipment, specialist doctors and medicines.
We will build state of the art hospitals in major urban centres to ensure the best healthcare facilities to the poor.
We will encourage private sector participation and partnership to improve the service delivery standard of public health facilities.
We will depoliticise hospitals, governed by autonomous professional boards.
We will review and report on access and quality of service delivery at each facility through collection of regular data.
We will expand the capacity of the public healthcare system through additional capacity in existing facilities, making new facilities or public-private partnership.
We will create a mental health policy and champion initiatives to promote and address mental health issues through improve service delivery and research.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
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