Institutionalize E-Governance Practices in Public Administration

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

We will transform public administration with E-Governance initiatives to facilitate citizens’ access to justice, rights, and other public services.

Governance in Pakistan continues to rely almost entirely on obsolete record keeping practices that are not reliable, transparent and efficient to work with. There are multiple issues in the governance system of Pakistan: inefficient data collection systems, record keeping, intra-coordination between various departments, black economy, tax evasion, and bureaucratic hurdles in solving public issues in federal and provincial levels.

We will ensure full capitalization of digital financial services to supplement digitization of documentation.
We will establish a whistle-blowers programme, which will be facilitated through the use of a community call center where a dedicated phone line will be available for citizens to report suspicious behavior by individuals or entities.
We will complete the electronic mapping of property, linking it to the owner’s CNIC and thereby to his/her legal heirs.
We will further improve the Safe City Project to ensure solid enforcement of traffic laws and digitization of traffic violation tickets.
We will adopt electronic paper and data archiving of all future legal cases and progressively create an image database for records of the past ten years.
We will digitize monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic indicators with performance management capability of district and village councils.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
Find below the expert`s analysis on the progress of above promise :


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