Tackle Climate Change & Champion Green Growth

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

PTI recognises climate change and our increasing environmental pollution; the damage it is causing and the threat it poses to our future. We will take action to manage climate change and make Pakistan greener under our Green Growth Agenda by investing in long term adaptation to climate change, addressing the root causes of environmental pollution, strengthening our institutions, planting 10 billion trees in 5 years, and by improving our disaster relief management and risk reduction. Environmental conservation will be at the core of PTI’s governance.

Pakistan ranks 7th on the most adversely affected countries due to climate change. Both, climate change and environmental pollution pose a grave threat to Pakistan’s sustainable future. The negative impact on our weather pattern is already evident; rising temperatures, major flooding, prolonged droughts, unpredictable rainfalls etc cost Pakistan an estimated USD 6 to 14 billion annually, even though we barely contribute 0.2% to global emissions (one of the lowest in the world). Furthermore, air and water pollution cost Pakistan an additional estimated USD 3 billion per annum. It is now imperative to tackle climate change and reverse environmental degradation as Pakistan’s situation will only worsen as the economy grows, especially when we have no concrete plan in place.

We will ensure that Pakistan as a nation takes responsibility to reverse environmental degradation and manage climate change to safeguard its citizens, natural endowments and investments.
We will educate our children to be the custodians of nature and guardians of our sustainable future.
PTI’s cross-sectoral and multi-dimensional Green Growth Agenda will aim to address this challenge holistically, as this cannot be managed with ad-hoc initiatives or by any single ministry, and responsibly partner in the evolution of the global eco-civilisation.
We will establish a Green Growth Task Force under the Prime Minister’s cell to facilitate necessary legislation and implement the Green Growth Agenda.
We will develop an alternate economy, based on green growth with environmental care at the core; this will provide decent “green” jobs and equip our country to face challenges of climate change and environmental pollution.
We will enact requisite green legislation to champion initiatives such as mandatory environmental education, green building codes, zero waste policy and reducing plastic use in our economy.
We shall endeavour to deliver affordable and sustainable clean energy, promote clean transport, champion green infrastructure, effectively manage waste, promote efficient agriculture and preserve our wetlands wildlife and biodiversity.
We will ensure all relevant policy reforms across Pakistan include measures and initiatives to counter existing and potential negative impacts of climate change.
We will further strengthen financing of institutions for climate change risk reduction.
We will implement an action plan for energy conservation; on the demand side we will incentivise adoption of energy efficient initiatives and on the supply side we will reduce transmission losses.
We will strategically enhance our diplomatic and technical engagement at all relevant multilateral forums, especially the climate change negotiations, to safeguard our national interests.
We will expand and restore the fractured forests of Pakistan through a “10 Billion Tree Tsunami” spread over 5 years under principles of true forest valuation, community stewardship as well as public-private partnerships.
We will strengthen disaster management, especially our response (rescue and relief) capability and capacity, while also reducing disaster risk.
We will mainstream climate risks and the associated costs into decision making and development planning to climate proof our infrastructure and make future development resilient and adaptive to climate change.
We will aggressively implement initiatives and strive to stop polluting and start cleaning our air and water.
We shall aim to internalise and integrate true environmental costs in all economic decisions and present a yearly national “Eco budget”.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
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