Facilitate Delivery Through Legislative Reform (Right to Information)

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

We will abolish the culture of secrecy and will ensure that all government actions, records, and information are open to public scrutiny. PTI will support transparency and accountability in government as per standards practiced internationally.

Despite constitutional provisions and the 2002 Freedom of Information Ordinance is in effect, access to information that needs to be made public is very difficult. This results in weak accountability and deepens the distrust between the citizen and the state.

We will allocate resources and build public sector capacities to effectively implement Right To Information (RTI) laws.
We will ensure the timely production of budget processes in line with international standards and ensure public access to key budget documents.
We will ensure that the executive budget proposal and the enacted budget with comprehensive data will be produced before citizens.
We will ensure that in-year and mid-year reports as well as audit reports are produced in a timely manner, and made available for public scrutiny.
We will create effective mechanisms to deal with citizen’s complaints about lack of or limited access to information.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.

Find below the expert`s analysis on the progress of above promise :


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