Make Pakistan Business-Friendly

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

PTI will put Pakistan in the top 100 economies of the world according to the World Bank’s doing business rankings in five years.

Pakistan’s Ease of Doing Business Ranking has plummeted from 107 to 147 since 2013. This low ranking is primarily driven by weak and cumbersome processes to establish and do business which is further exacerbated by corrupt practices and incompetent management by relevant institutions.

In order to make Pakistan business-friendly, we will

Further digitization of processes to make doing business easier.
Increase ease of business through process improvements by compressing timelines for provision of basic amenities and by reducing the frequency of tax payments while retaining the amount of payable tax.
Digitise all remaining land records and automate processes for property registration.
Digitise court orders linked to property cases to reduce fiduciary risk to investors.
Champion initiatives to steady supply of electricity and other basic amenities to industries.
Increase transparency and quality of public sector customs service and reduce transit delays.
Improve logistics infrastructure, specially related to railway cargo and container terminals.
Reduce red tape culture through online filing of documents, especially to improve turnaround time for routine and permit approvals.
Dedicate courts for commercial contract enforcement.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
Find below the expert`s analysis on the progress of above promise :


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