Turnaround IT Sector to Build a Knowledge Economy

mran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

PTI will champion Pakistan’s journey towards a knowledge economy, digitisation and boost the IT exports with a cross-cutting strategy driven from the centre, improved infrastructure, uplifting our human capital, supportive tax policies, incentivising innovation and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Pakistan’s ICT sector and exports have shown consistent growth in recent years. However, the IT sector stands far from its potential and our exports hover around USD 2 billion. Whereas, India has rapidly increased its ICT exports to over USD 126 billion. The primary reason is that Pakistan is uncompetitive in the international market due to the repressive policies enforced by FBR along with lack of quality human resource, IT infrastructure, government sponsorship and innovation.

We will establish a Knowledge Economy Authority with cross-sectional powers across government departments to end our fragmented approach and adopt a central strategic direction towards digitization.
We will launch the Digital Transformation Initiative Programme for digital infrastructure, citizen services, and other e-government programs.
We will create and implement the National Digital Policy to ensure privacy, security, standardization, and data sharing across all stakeholders.
We will create and implement a regulatory and legal framework to enable Open Government Data and a platform for shared services.
We will establish a National Outreach Scholarship Programme to identify our best minds and fully fund their placement in the top institutions.
We will increase access to international markets with a favorable visa regime and improved business development through our embassies to boost exports.
We will ensure a forward-looking regulatory and tax regime to make room for new business models and innovation.
We will boost start-up development with an empowered ecosystem offering access to venture capital and tax benefits such as sales tax rationalization and minimum withholding tax.
We will create special courts and dispute resolution forums to resolve intellectual property matters and copyrights.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
Find below the expert`s analysis on the progress of above promise :


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