Champion Reconciliation in Baluchistan

Imran Khan and his team from PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) promised us:

We will empower the Balochistan government to launch and champion large-scale efforts for political reconciliation. In particular, we will ensure significant local participation and stake in development projects, especially in Gwadar.

Balochistan as a province has largely been neglected. The population has not been part of major development projects and employment opportunities are scarce. This has resulted in poor socioeconomic and human development. Furthermore, Balochistan has the highest incidence of poverty when compared to other provinces.

We will reach out to the Baloch leadership and the disgruntled Baloch groups, especially the youth by ensuring them political and economic empowerment.
We will develop and implement a plan to include the local population in CPEC and the development of Gwadar.
You can read these promises in the complete manifesto document released by PTI available HERE in English and HERE in Urdu.
Find below the expert`s analysis on the progress of above promise :


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