Trade Roadmap

Led by: 

Advisor Commerce, Foreign Minister


“Prioritise politico-economic diplomacy to revitalise the economy through foreign direct
investment and trade. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce to
prepare a roadmap to this effect.”

Milestones of federal government: 

  • Joint Working Group for Commerce, Foreign Office, and Finance - Complete
  • Trade Roadmap launched (Commerce Adviser) – In Progress

Next steps: 

  • Prepare and finalise trade roadmap with relevant stakeholders – Trade roadmap to include:
    • Country specific medium to long term economic goals
    • Framework for empowering and strengthening Commerce Division to achieve the targeted economic
      diplomacy objectives
    • Criteria and appointment process for existing and new consular positions related to economic diplomacy
    • Process for revised selection, training, and evaluation of trade officers
    • Measures to strengthen and empower the Commerce & Trade Group
    • Fixing country-specific goals and targets for Missions
    • Development of mission, and country-specific quantifiable and verifiable KPIs


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