We have created this platform for the people of Pakistan to keep an eye on the promises and commitments made by its elected representatives in the parliament.

Through this platform, citizens of Pakistan and Pakistanis around the globe will be able to track the progress of government’s promises. Also, engage by polling their inputs regarding progress and also communicate their priorities. With the help of experts and general public, we will track and monitor the progress of each and every promise made by PTI and Imran Khan. An additional fact check feature is being launched through this platform to inform public about false or unauthentic news items published in newspapers, aired on news channels and circulated on social media. This platform aims for the following:

Monitor Government Progress

Our effort is to enable voters to monitor the performance of their government. We will also assess if governments adhere to all of their promises in regard to education, health, economy, agriculture, transparency, law and order, minority rights, and many more.

Fact check

Though this platform, we aim to verify any statement or claim issued by our elected representatives, media channels or any opinion maker on social media or any other medium. No opinion, Only 100% verified Facts will be published.

Discuss & Spread

Enable community dialogue, and help spread right information to the world. Though this platform, we aim to engage, enable and empower Pakistan`s voters to check, verify and track real time government`s progress


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